6 Interesting Facts to Know about Kennedy Family Curse

All the members of the Kennedy family are famous public figures. Also, this family’s members are also known to have suffered badly from time to time.

One of the members of this family was John Fitzgerald Kennedy who served America as a president and was at duty from 1961-1963. He had a brother named Bobby who was also famous for serving as the president of the nation. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was John’s wife who was also well-known by the masses. The number of scandals the Kennedy family had is not large, and their history is completely the opposite from let’s say Joshua Cooper, an assistant to Florida’s senator Rick Scott, who flashed an ice penis in front of a mannequin.

All of them have had massive ups and downs in their lives. With so many twists and turns embedded in their lives, people used to consider the Kennedy family cursed.

We just discussed a few names from the family, however, there were several others who stayed behind the eyes of the public. This family is famous for having an interesting history and there are several strange events that took place in the family. We share a few facts in our article today.

  1. From the year 1947, upto 2011 at least one member from the Kennedy family used to serve the federal office. The trend was started by John Kennedy who was a part of the Massachusetts congress. The trend ended with his great grandson, Patrick J. Kennedy who was also a member of the congress family. However, he retired from service in 2011.
  2. Initially the entire family used to stay in Ireland. Later, they moved to America and joined politics upon immigration. The first Kennedy who ran for office was Patrick Joseph, popularly known as PJ. He was then a part of the Massachusetts legislature and served there for 11 long years right from 1884 till 1895.
  3. John’s wife Jackie had an intense addiction to smoking and she couldn’t spend a few hours without it. It was for forty long years that she used to smoke no less than three full packs in a single day. It counts to a total of 60 cigarettes every day. She was then diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s’ Lymphoma, after which she completely quit smoking.
  4. Other members of the Kennedy family also had notable jobs and were a part of some of the reputed offices including Eunice, who was John’s sister. She was the woman behind the foundation of National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. She also founded the Special Olympics.
  5. John used to suffer from some serious health issues, and most of such problems were not known to the public. Also, all his medical records were sealed completely for several years even after he died. Before taking up the office and performing his duty, he had fallen prey to serious illnesses several times and came back from death’s mouth. He had suffered from whooping cough, scarlet fever, Addison’s disease and also had back problems. He had also gone through spinal fusion surgery, to correct his latter health disorder.
  6. When JFK’s family used to stay in the White House, they had numerous pets that were very difficult to manage at times. They had a total of 11 dogs, three birds, five horses, rabbits, cats, and two hamsters.

Apart from the facts listed above, there were several other facts about the entire Kennedy family which made the public take interest in their lives. There are several books written on the assassination of JFK as well and the curses that the family faced.