Windows 11 brings 3D emojis to most of Microsoft’s suite of apps

If you use Windows 10, you’ll notice that the emoji selection isn’t quite what you expected. That’s because Microsoft has decided to use its own 3D emojis, rather than the standard emoji that come with the OS. As part of their Windows Insider Program testing, Microsoft has added 3D emojis to their Office, Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, and Skype apps.

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows, Microsoft’s operating system that runs on most of their hardware. Like previous versions, Windows 10 supports a variety of input methods, including keyboard, mouse, pen, touch and gesture. ~

Microsoft released the first preview of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update today, but it made only a few small changes to how it handles emoji. Most of the new emoji characters are simply 3D versions of the original 2D emoji characters. However, there are a few new additions. A few characters have been updated to include facial expressions, but there are few differences from the original 2D emoji characters.


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  • We have some good news for you if you were already bored with the emojis that Microsoft changed a few years ago.
  • Over 1800 new fluent, 3D emojis will be included to the forthcoming operating system by the Redmond-based software firm.
  • According to Microsoft, the new emoji packs will be released throughout the holiday season. 
  • These new and amusing emoticons will also be added to some of Microsoft’s most well-known products, such as Outlook and Teams.


It’s now time to focus on the minor details that Microsoft has opted to add in the next operating system.

And, while Windows 10 debuted a new emoji design a few years back, the advent of Windows 11 provided a nice opportunity for Microsoft to finally update its emojis.

The Redmond tech behemoth recently disclosed that it has revamped its 1800+ emojis with a new 3D style, which is a significant advance over the previous flat versions.

Windows 11 will have new 3D, realistic emojis.

These much-anticipated new 3D emojis will be available for Windows and Microsoft Teams during the Christmas season, with more Microsoft 365 products like Yammer and Outlook to follow throughout 2024.

Within Microsoft 365, there are over 1,800 emojis, and we’ve been working for the past year to radically modernize them by building a system that is fundamentally Fluent. We picked 3D graphics over 2D, and the majority of our emojis were animated.

Microsoft’s new 3D emojis are now available in the company’s Flipgrid education program, and everyone is excited to see them on the Windows OS.


New emojis inspired by the new hybrid work age have also been designed by design teams. Another fascinating news for Windows users is that Microsoft is bringing Clippy back to life as well.

The previous Office Assistant will now be replaced with the new paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 apps.

We’re bringing our Fluent style to life in Microsoft 365 with more expressive themes, drawings, backdrops, and more, in addition to emoji.

Many users anticipated this move because they couldn’t imagine Windows 11 running with the obsolete and flat emojis that the prior OS did.

According to Microsoft, the future operating system will see many more improvements, and we can’t wait to find out what they are and share them with you.

Do you like the new emojis that Windows 11 is introducing? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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