How Steel Palisade Fencing Enhances Security for Industrial Premises

Steel palisade fencing is a very effective, durable, and resilient solution for securing the perimeter of industrial premises. Its design and construction are intended to reduce the risk of unauthorized entry. Hence, this is the option that most businesses prefer when they are more concerned about the security and the protection of assets, employees, or even property.

By reading this article, you will gain a better understanding of how steel palisade can help protect the perimeter of industrial premises, whether it’s a utility site, transport hub, or chemical plant you’re looking to protect!

1. Physical Deterrence

One of the main ways steel palisade fences help to improve security is through their physical deterrence. High vertical steel pales and sharp pointed tops create an imposing barrier that offers a strong visual and physical deterrence to anyone looking to breach the boundary of a premises.

Most steel pale designs have either pointed or curved tops, which makes scaling them almost impossible without injury. This fact alone has greatly improved security levels because scaling by intruders over the fence has become a much less attractive option.

The spaces between the pales are so close that a person is unable to squeeze through, which further makes the fence more effective as a physical barrier and deterrence.

2. Durability & Strength

Steel palisade fencing is designed to be both strong and durable. This kind of fence gets strength from the material itself (steel), performing well under both low and high-force impacts. Unlike other materials that may present problems after a number of years, or whilst under attack, steel palisade maintains its integrity for longer, hence guaranteeing long-term security solutions for industrial premises.

The steel palisade fencing will resist a forced attempt to cut through or force the fence open. This is important for industrial sites, where intruders are often both determined and equipped, making such sites a higher risk. The strength of the steel pales offers a formidable barrier that cannot easily be compromised, therefore keeping the security of the premises tight.

3. Design Versatility

Steel palisade fencing can be designed in a versatile way; thus, for businesses, there is the option of making adjustments that meet their desired requirements of security. The height can be adjusted for increased security. Additionally, the fence can be customized using different features that further enhance security, such as barbed or razor wire.

Personalization is also offered through a range of aesthetic options, allowing various styles and finishes to help address the aesthetic needs of a business’s industrial premises.

For example, Lochrin Bain, a UK manufacturer of commercial and industrial steel palisade fencing systems, offers powder coating as an option, allowing the customer to choose a color that blends in with the surroundings or the brand of a business. The general appearance of the fencing is no less vital although the functionality would simply be at its best, as it forms the general impression of the site.

4. Low Maintenance

Another major benefit of steel palisade fencing is the fact that it is low maintenance. Often only requiring a little bit of cleaning to keep it looking its best, steel palisade is a low-cost solution to security for the long term.

The steel used on this type of fence is often galvanized with optional powder-coating readily available to help offer added protection against the weather. The overall aim of these coatings is to ensure no rust on the fence as a result of corrosion, therefore extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements.

Regular check-ups and periodic cleaning are all that is needed to keep the fence looking good and performing well. This low maintenance factor makes it a better choice, even for industrial purposes, where resources and most importantly time for maintenance are usually scarce.

5. More Visibility

Steel palisade fencing gives a tall physical barrier with lower visual blockage than solid fencing alternatives. The gaps left between the vertical pales allow security personnel to monitor the premises from the inside and out, whilst also offering visibility of the surrounding area.

This level of visibility is very important for early detection of suspicious activity or potential security breaches so that a swift response and intervention can be made.

The incorporation of other security measures can help to provide even greater visibility. Other security measures that can be included are surveillance cameras and floodlighting systems. Since the design of the fence is open, the other security tools allow space for all of them to work well in an orchestrated manner to give an overall security solution to the industrial premises.

6. Adherence to Security Standards

Security-rated steel palisade fencing systems are generally developed and produced for compliance with the most stringent security specifications to ensure that they can offer such protection for high-risk sites and critical infrastructure.

To such companies operating in industries where tight standards for security exist, such as utilities, transport, and chemicals, steel palisade fencing offers a very reliable solution to meet those requirements.

7. Cost-Effectiveness

Whilst the upfront cost of purchase and installation can be high with steel palisade fencing, it can still provide one of the best economical solutions to security in the long run. Due to its strength and durability, this type of fencing doesn’t require serious maintenance and is protected against the elements, meaning businesses will spend less on servicing it in the long run.

Besides, the fencing provides tight security that is able to prevent any costly events of theft, vandalism, or property damage.

Fewer security incidents and low maintenance costs for securing assets will make an economically justified investment in steel palisade fencing for the securing of assets in the industrial premises. Generally, steel palisade brings many benefits to providing industrial premises with a comprehensive security solution.

Physical deterrence, durability, and versatility, along with its low maintenance requirements, better visibility, and compliance with security standards, make it an ideal choice for businesses that are looking to protect properties and assets in an affordable manner. Steel palisade fencing ensures a good level of security and peace of mind in those industrial premises that can afford it.

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