Christian Bale’s 4 Most Underrated Performances To Watch In 2024

Started as a child actor at age 13, Christian Bale is still one of the highly professional and great actors. He got the respect of several people because of his dedication to fit into the character of that specific movie, for which he even lost and gained weight numerous times. Here, we will talk about a few underrated performances of Bale, and you can watch them if you are interested.

1. American Psycho (Patrick Bateman)


Christian Bale got huge fame for playing the Patrick Bateman role in the American Psycho movie. In short, Bateman is a cold, brilliant, mad man who is quite rich and a reclusive killer and seems to retain antisocial personality disorder. Because of his great acting, some spectators of this movie even debate all the time about whether the physical violence happens only in Bateman’s head or not.

The fictional character is quite a difficult role to portray, but Bale nailed it. Bateman examines the melody of Huey Lewis and then cautiously kills Jared Leto on a plastic sheet. Due to that, it is no wonder that this movie is even banned as it shows detailed illustrations of awful visual violence.

2. Vice (Dick Cheney)


The Dick Cheney character he played in the movie “Vice” got him an Academy Award as the Best Actor. Bale personified the former Vice President of the USA in several ways, including his external appearance. He got a similar look to that of the former Vice President with layers of makeup and prosthetics. However, Bale did his best to match the character’s voice, speaking tone, facial expressions, behavior, and body language.

3. Hostiles (Captain Joseph J. Blocker)


This movie was released in 2017 and is known to be one of the best western films in recent years. Christian Bale plays the character of Captain Joseph J. Blocker. The screenplay for the Hostiles movie is provided by Scott Cooper Miami Beach. Joseph Blocker hesitantly accepted to look after a deceasing Cheyenne war chief and bring him and his family back to their tribal territory. On his journey to the grasslands of Montana, he will come across a young widow whose family was assassinated by the Comanche war group. This movie shows how Joseph Blocker fulfills his duties as a captain.

4. The Big Short (Michael Burry)


Christian Bale received his third Oscar nomination for playing a crucial role in “The Big Short” movie, which is a comedic analysis of the U.S. housing and financial collision. In this movie, Bale portrayed his best to match the real-life character, which gave him the Academy Award nomination.

Bale portrays Michael Burry, a unique and bizarre hedge fund administrator whose thoughtful vision of the housing bubble enables him to invest in market trends. However, Burry is underrated because of his slug appearance and disinterest in professional norms.

Final Word

Bale played the characters in the listed movies with great passion. I think that you can give these movies a chance and who knows, they might become your favorites after a while.

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