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Global Media Giants are Lobbying for the Most Sinister Privatization of All:
The Airwaves

Powerful commercial media are seeking
to gain total control over the airwaves.
Imagine a world in which a handful of global media conglomerates like Vivendi, Sony, Disney, and News Corps own all the airwaves.

Ultra Concentrated Media
Now with record Breaking Monopolies
For All The Latest EcoHumanePolitical News
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How to Cut $55 Billion of Wasteful and
Environmentally Harmful U.S. Spending

The Green Scissors 2001 Report
outlines 74 programs that, if cut,
would save taxpayers more than
$55 billion and protect our environment.

California's Deregulation Disaster
by Harvey Wasserman
Read this great new article about the
40 billion dollar and rising corporate fraud
on the American electric utility consumer.

Learn how nuclear energy got us into this and how renewable energies will get us out of it.

Hear Harvey talk about this in depth on Art Bell
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Reload browser)

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US City Issues Its Own Currency
While dollars make us increasingly dependent on multinational corporations and bankers, HOURS reinforce community trading and expand commerce which is more accountable to our concerns for ecology and social justice.

New scientific report confirms
our findings on

"barely five percent of the Amazon
will survive as pristine forest by 2020"

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