Looking ahead to hunting season 

Hunting season is coming up, and it’s that time of year when we start thinking about the upcoming gun season. Here are my top five tips for hunting season success this year.

Hunting season has come and gone, and for many hunters, the season is now over. But there are millions of other hunters, and opportunities to hunt are plentiful, if you know where to look. To help out new hunters, and to help hunters plan their hunts, we have put together a list of five places to go hunting in the U.S. This list will be updated over time, as we hear of other relevant places, so be sure to check back

Theories abound about what to expect from the hunting season, but one thing is certain: a good whitetail buck sight-in will not be taken lightly by the lucky hunters who get the opportunity to do so.

(Photo by Jerrod Veal)

Another turkey season is behind us and we hope most of the talk about wild turkeys is about seeing hens with lots of chicks on our tours. This is always good news for the coming seasons.

When one hunting season is over, I always look forward to the next. Sure, I like to camp in the summer and spend time on the water, but I’m more of a hunter than a fisherman, and that means 27. September, the opening day of archery season in the Northern Zone, is never early.

The first thing I do when hunting season is over is make a list of things I need to do or buy before the next season starts. When it comes to turkey hunting, my first priority is to buy more ammo – including several boxes of Winchester Longbeard ammo.

For my turkey hunting next spring, it’s important that I take preseason photos, as New York Outdoor News columnist Glenn Sapir notes in his column in Issue 25. June discussed. Glenn admitted to not checking his firearm when he returned from Florida last winter and paid the price.

Glenn shot the Toms three times while hunting during the New York State Writers Association’s annual spring safari, held this year in Fulton and Montgomery counties. Of course we make fun of Glenn, but there is a lesson to be learned from his experience. The proof is a photo from Jerrod Veal’s surveillance camera, taken by Tom a few hours after the season ended on the 31st. May. The bird is clearly missing tail feathers, thanks to Glenn’s shooting model.

Now that turkey season is behind us, it’s time to prepare for onion season. My turkey hunting clothes primarily serve a dual purpose during the first few weeks of bow hunting. They were therefore recently washed with hunting soap and hung outside for about a day before being stored in an odourless container. A few days before the onion season, they are aired again and treated with an anti-mite spray.

This is also the time of year when recurve, compound and crossbows are brought out and, like turkey hunting, an idea of what is needed for the fall hunt is formed. Given the limited availability of some adjustments, I think if I need arrows, tips, or other adjustments, the sooner the better.

With all this, I can relax and enjoy the summer, focus on hiking and getting my legs in shape for mountain climbing in the fall, and maybe spend some more time fishing.

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