10 Best Mac Programs For Students

We don’t recommend writing your school papers on your mac, but if you must, we can help. Here are the top 10 best mac programs for students: 1. Pages 2. Keynote 3. Numbers 4. Numbers 5. Pages 3 6. Numbers 7. Pages 8. Pages 9. Pages 10. Pages

Mac-friendly school tools have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years, as students take to Macs for their portability and functionality. Some of the best software for students are web-based platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox, along with web browser extensions like LastPass and DuckDuckGo. There are also several comprehensive and free options that cater to students, including a great list of best Mac programs for students over at TechHive.

Mac users have a lot to love with Mac OS X. While Microsoft’s Windows OS market share has been falling steadily over the past several years, the market share for Mac OS X has only been growing. Mac OS X is an Apple-based operating system. This means that it’s designed, developed, and run by Apple. It is also the oldest of the current Mac OS flavors, and the easiest to find, learn, and use.

Those who still believe that Macs are only useful in the office and for design are utterly mistaken. Apple computers are universal machines that are ideal for studying, regardless of a student’s career route. When you acquire a new Mac, make sure to go to the Mac App Store first — Apple provides free downloads of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, the greatest presentation application available, which will help you study right away. Don’t forget about OS X’s iBooks reader, which not only reads regular ePub ebooks but also interactive textbooks built with iBooks Author. There are lots of other apps on every Mac that can help you study without resorting to writing assistance, but we’d like to suggest a few more that are expressly designed to help students organize their studies.

iStudiez Pro is a professional version of iStudiez.

One of the most well-known and coolest academic timetable and homework organisers of all time. All you have to do is enter the semester’s class schedule and timely complete a list of homework assignments; the application will handle the rest. There’s a quick rundown of your forthcoming classes, as well as automatic reminders of when key assignments are due. iStudiez Pro will even forecast your performance towards the end of the semester if you take the time to keep track of your marks. Data is synchronized with the program’s universal iOS version, allowing you to plan your learning process on your Mac as well as your iPhone or iPad, depending on the situation.



Evernote is the greatest Mac program for taking notes of any kind. Evernote notebooks may store practically any type of data, including plain and structured text, photos, handwritten notes, audio and video recordings, web links, to-do lists, and even PDF documents. You may construct a rich collection of valuable notes by categorizing everything into individual notebooks, which will come in handy not only in your academics but also in your happy student life. Evernote also has an iOS version, which allows you to access all of your Mac data in the same format that you saved it when working on the PC.


Lingvo dictionaries do not require an introduction for students: they have been acknowledged by Apple for a long time and offer a set of 126 general and specialized dictionaries for 7 languages with a total of more than 7.5 million entries – all of which are available in the app at the same time. The application also has an instant word translation mode: simply hover your mouse cursor over a word in your browser or text editor, and the translation will appear in a pop-up window. Unfortunately, there is no method to connect the Mac and iOS versions of the software, even though syncing of dictionaries and other important data across all Apple devices would be really handy.

OCR Pro by FineReader

FineReader OCR Pro

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Although Pocket works well on the Mac through its website, the developers have also provided a client app that works similarly to its younger iOS sister. Here you can also save almost any useful article found on the Internet to read at your leisure. It’s the same reading list in Safari, but with enhanced features: Pocket distinguishes between text, graphics, and video, and allows you to tag each saved material for easier searching and cataloging. In addition, the program cleanly saves articles: without banners, site navigation, and other distracting elements. Since all of your articles are assigned to the same account, everything you save on the Mac will be readable on your iOS devices.

MindNode Pro is an advanced version of MindNode.

MindNode Pro

A application for creating so-called connection diagrams, or mind maps, comes in handy when it’s difficult to arrange your thoughts and it’s vital to shelve all of the project material. Any complicated entity can be disassembled into multiple components, each of which can be further disassembled into simpler components. This holds true for any entity as well as theoretical concerns, depending on what you wish to think about without losing sight of. If you purchase the iOS version of MindNode, all of the papers you save in the Apple cloud will be available on your i-gadgets as well.

Parallels Desktop is a software program that allows you to run

No matter how you look at it, our pupils can’t seem to move away from Windows-only software. However, we can’t ignore all of the benefits of working with a Mac because of this! Furthermore, if you install the Parallels Desktop program on your computer, Windows applications may simply operate in an OS X environment. It offers all of the required circumstances for “Windows” programs to run reliably and quickly. So, if you need to run a lab with solely Windows tools, your Mac will be more than capable.



Use the FocusMask program if you need to concentrate as much as possible on a text or an application. It hides anything that can divert your attention and keep you from your crucial job behind a nearly undetectable black background. The application is extremely versatile, allowing you to highlight only specific portions of the active window you’re working with.


A highly handy program that converts ordinary websites into self-contained programs. This makes them a lot easier to deal with, at least since you don’t have to worry about accidently shutting the site as you do with browser tabs. Furthermore, having a website’s icon not only in the Dock but also in the OS X menu bar makes it much easier to interact with regularly visited websites. Fluid also allows you to use specific software scripts to change the look and experience of well-known web services.


You may find that you spend a lot of time at the computer but don’t get as much work done as you would want. What was the cause of the time wastage, and what were you unlucky enough to “get hooked” on instead of working – timing will provide a clear response to these concerns. It tracks a Mac user’s every move, revealing how much time was spent on each file and Web page as well as on a single application. So, if you get “lost” in a social networking site instead of writing an essay or completing a lab assignment, Timing will show you how much time you wasted. And for the responsible student, this is reason enough to rethink your self-organization strategy.

If you’re looking for the best Mac programs for students, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the legwork for you and sifted through our list of the top ten most popular Mac apps for students to bring you a comprehensive list of the best Mac programs for students.. Read more about best mac apps for high school students and let us know what you think.

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